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Biofeedback workshops


The Biofeedback Education Institute organizes biofeedback courses in The Netherlands and abroad.

Courses are in Dutch and in English.

For information about Dutch biofeedback workshops, scheduled in The Netherlands, click here.


This website is about the courses in English.

Our list of courses in the English language

- Introductory to biofeedback, 2 days, read more

- Biofeedback stress profiling, read more

- Teaching heart coherence with biofeedback, read more

- Treating hyperexcitability and sleep disturbances, read more


If you are interested in hosting a workshop in English in your country, please send an email to:


Next workshops:


Introductory to biofeedback course

Spring 2017, Herten-Roermond, The Netherlands


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Treating hyperexcitability and sleep disturbances
March 31 - April 1, 2017
, Blonay, Switzerland


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DaniŽlle Matto

Eveline Kempenaar

Ilona Verstegen