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When senses are too sensitive: biofeedback treatment of hyperexcitability

1 day workshop by DaniŽlle Matto


Hyperexcitability, an excessive reaction to stimuli, can occur in patients with stress, anxiety, trauma and SPS (Sensory Processing Sensitivity), formerly called High Sensitivity. Underlying is a state of hyperarousal, visible in the brain and in the autonomic nervous system. Often these patients feel helpless and tend to isolate themselves.  With biofeedback training it is possible to calm the autonomic nervous system. Suitable biofeedback protocols are skin conductance down training and heart coherence training. Additional techniques include bio-energetic exercises for protection against stimuli overload and Audio Visual Entrainment to calm the brain. This workshop gives you an understanding of the psychophysiological phenomena underlying hyperexcitability and the treatment possibilities.

Learning objectives: Understanding the psychophysiological phenomena underlying hyperexcitability, learning to use biofeedback protocols, like skin conductance downtraining and heart rate coherence training, and audiovisual entrainment to treat hyperexcitability.

Keywords: hyperexcitability, biofeedback, audiovisual entrainment


Date: March, 2018

Location: i-NFBF, Blonay, Switzerland


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